Vendor Information


How do I apply to be a vendor at a market?

If you're interested in being a vendor, please send an email to Please include your name, business name, what type of items you sell, and if you have them, include social media links for your business along with a website and photos of your work. 

How will I know about upcoming markets?

The best way to know about upcoming events is to follow us on our Facebook page. We post events well in advance. 

How does WACB raise funds at markets?

We charge a one time vendor fee at sign up. We don't take a cut of the money that you bring in for the day, although some vendors choose to donate a portion of their proceeds. Any additional money donated ( after the booth fee) is tax deductible. 

How does WACB promote the market?

We promote through hanging paper flyers throughout the city, posting on our website and social media and running social media ads.

I sent an email about vending but I haven't heard back.

We receive a lot of messages about vendors. We do our best to respond to each one. If you haven't heard from us, it's likely that we are still working our way through the vendor emails. 

We do our best to not have vendors that sell too similar of items. This insures that the vendors can sell as much as possible, that we have a variety for customers, and extend the interest of the markets. If we don't accept you as a vendor, it's because we already have someone else selling similar items or we are out of spots.

Vendor Payment

Once you have spoken with us through email and been accepted as a vendor, you can make your payment here or directly on PayPal using

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card